Thursday, April 10, 2014

April Random Finds

1.  This weekend I will attending my nieces wedding in NC.  My niece laughed at all her Aunt's wedding pictures because the style in the 80s was to wear bridal hats.  Well, we will all be sporting hats at her wedding this weekend - even her cousins will be joining in on the fun.  She will be quite surprised - but know that we love her.   Looking forward to a crazy fun weekend.  

2.  Spring has arrived in New Jersey and the first sign for me was the crocuses blooming.  

3.  Second sign of Spring is getting out in the garden.   I order my vegetable plants online from Alabama this week.  The large healthy plants will arrive the end of May ready for planting.  

4.  Pineapple is one of my favorite fruits and I eat it every day in my oatmeal.  Who knew the skins could be a form of art.  

5.  I'm taking an on-line photography class through Clickin Mom's on Creativity and Composition.  The class is very challenging.  We spent a week on cropping with the Golden Triangle.  Thought I nailed it with this capture until 10 women ripped it apart with their critiques.  Oh well.