Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Fish Story - Swordfish in Tomato Sauce with Capers and Olives

My husband and son love to fish to put it mildly.  They left on a 30 hour overnight tuna and swordfish trip - fishing the Hudson Canyon 110 miles off the Jersey coast last weekend.  Most of the time they come home from such trips with fish stories, but this time I wasn't prepared for the group to catch 300 lbs. of tuna and swordfish.  After cleaning, my husband and son took home their share of 60 lbs. of Long Fin, Yellow Fin tuna and Swordfish that needed to be cut and packaged. I ran out and purchased a Food Sealer and neighbors and friends lined up at my door for fresh fish.  It was unbelievable.

 Tonight's recipe is for Swordfish with tomato sauce with olives and capers.  I grilled the swordfish until just cooked and served it in red sauce with capers and olives and served with Spaghetti Squash.  I guess you could call it the catch of the day.

Swordfish over Tomato Sauce with Capers and Olives

2 Swordfish steaks cut 3/4 inch
1 cup of basic tomato sauce (I used my own, but your favorite jarred sauce will do)
2 tablespoons capers, rinsed and drained
1/4 cup mixed olives, pitted and chopped
salt & pepper
1 teaspoon of olive oil

Heat tomato sauce in a saucepan, add  capers and olives and simmer over low heat.  Heat a grill pan until very hot.  Wash and dry steaks, drizzle with olive oil and salt and pepper.  Grill over high heat 3 minutes on one side, turn over and shut off heat and grill 1-2 minutes until just done.  Pour sauce on to each plate and place swordfish steak on top.

I served with Spaghetti Squash.  Buy a medium spaghetti squash.  Cut in half and place cut size down on a sheet pan that is covered with parchment.  Cook for 1 hour at 375 degrees.  Remove seeds and scrape the squash with a fork to remove squash.  Salt and Pepper and add a little butter.  Great with sauce.  Serve 2.

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