Sunday, January 6, 2013

Moo II

This is my second and larger (11X14) oil painting of Moo.   My son wanted my original 5x7, but I wanted to keep it for a grouping in my kitchen.  I actually painting Moo for this grouping.  So I painted him a larger version of the original.  

Wellfleet Oysters, Moo, and Beef it's Whats for Dinner

It's very interesting painting something for the second time because the freedom for happy accidents is very controlled.  When I first showed my son the painting, he thought the eyes were too sad.  So I let the painting dry for a few days then went back in and played with the eyes to give her a happier demeanor.

I hope Jackie is happy with Moo II.


  1. This is so joyful. I love your colors in the shadows in not only the white but the browns too. Really well done.

  2. Really a bright honest painting. Love your use of color. Great job.