Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Copper Pitcher with Cherries

This painting has one of my favorite objects to paint, copper.  This spring my art teacher taught us the formula for painting copper, and that is what I love about this art class - there is a formula!  Painting can be learned the same as cooking, computer programs or musical instruments.  It just takes a formula, practice and a desire to succeed.  6x6 oil painting on Gessobord.


  1. This is fantastic, Margie!!! It looks SO realistic.! I wish I can find "the formula" for painting silver pots in pastels...I tried looking it up in u-tube but I must be looking in the wrong place! Again, Congratulations on a beautiful piece!!!

    1. LOL that's my next challenge silver. I'll ask my teacher for the formula for silver. Thanks you for your positive comment.

  2. the cherries look just like the ones in my fridge. lovely painting.