Saturday, June 9, 2012

The "Girls" Move to Westchester

Cog Au Vin

Last weekend I had to move the "Girls" and coop to Westchester County, NY .  I guess you could say they moved up and this story sounds like chicken trash, but it's true. After raising chickens on and off for the last 10 years,  our town is enforcing their  ordinance on keeping chickens and we had to find a new home for the girls.   A wonderful woman I had met at an art class and fellow chicken lady, helped me find the perfect home for the girls.  We delivered them last weekend.  It took two days to disassemble the coop and two trips over the Tappan-Zee Bridge to deliver the "girls" to their new home.  Loved everything about raising Coq Au Vin, Kentucky and Francese. So, within three months I have lost my dog and three chickens.  My husband caught me feeding the gopher in the yard the other day and worries what's next.


  1. that is rotten! so sorry. If everyone had a 'victory' garden and raised chickens the world would be far better off.

  2. I agree.....two loses, yuk. But I love the remark about the gophers. LOL. We are also plagued with them in Calif.

  3. Marge, The picture of Cog Au Vin is amazing! When are you going to paint a picture of her?

    1. I did already. See earlier post on Cog au Vin. It was painted from that picture.