Thursday, March 27, 2014

Out Like a Lamb

1.  This week's find is light.  Light tortures me, can make me late for work, and put cooking dinner on hold.  When I see the perfect light I have to stop and grab my camera.  As I was leaving for work today I passed by this chair and had to take my coat off and take this picture.  Light also makes me happy.  

2.  Last weekend my kids came for a post St. Patrick's day dinner and I made my Irish Soda Bread.

3.  Just got a new dishwasher and this particular model came with a new pre-wash cycle.

4.  While walking in town this week, I stopped and asked these ladies if I could take their picture for a photography class - they were happy to act natural….or maybe they were just ignoring me.  

5.  Soooo Spring is finally arriving in North Jersey and the last bits of snow are melting.  We have been enjoying at least one or two nice days a week.  Looking forward to April.  

Well that it's for my Friday Finds and Random Five - stop by and check out Kim and Nancy's blogs.  
Enjoy your weekend!



  1. So glad to hear that it is not just me who will put dinner on hold to take a picture when the light is just right! I adore the sweet and simple photo of the daffodils on the chair in the soft light. Thanks for the recipe link - I think I'll make this bread today. Your pre-wash dog picture is hilarious! Love the variety of your Friday Finds.

  2. I smiled when I saw your "pre wash cycle" on your new dishwasher. I have two of the them. They do a great job ... :~) Isn't so nice to say that spring is here? Now I am so hoping that some warmer days come and the color will start to pop!

  3. Out like a lamb is looking so good!! Love the daffy and chair!! Here's another girl who will take the light and photography over fixing dinner.

  4. Light! YeeHaw! Love the prewash cycle. .. too funny! yum - soda bread (thanks for the link). fun shots. Happy Friday!

  5. That pre-wash cycle looks wonderful! LOL Does it work well?

  6. I have a love/hate relationship with light also. Sometimes it makes me stop in my tracks and look at how beautiful it is, and other times I get mad at it for not being where I want it to be. More often than not, it does make me happy too.
    Glad you are finally seeing spring!

  7. Oh, yes. Light. Funny how that affects us, isn't it? Many a dinner has been the victim of my light obsession. It doesn't help that my kitchen is where the gorgeous late afternoon sun comes. I 'get it'!

  8. Love that last shot with the green barn in the background. I use that photography class line all the time :)

  9. Had to chuckle about putting dinner on hold for the light...been there! That shot was quite lovely.
    What really gave me the laugh though was the Pre-Rinse Cycle on that new machine!
    How nice of those ladies to let you photograph them. It turned out great.
    Happy to hear that spring is arriving for you. It's here as well but we are in the "rainy" part right now, Ugh!

  10. Those ladies probably thought of you as just another crazy on the streets. love the new dishwasher...I'm glad it has a second wash cycle though..

  11. Lol on the new dishwasher accessory! Lovely images of your week Margie. Thanks so much for sharing at R5F. xo