Monday, May 7, 2012

Jackie's 1988 F150

This oil painting ( 8"x8" on Gessobord) is a gift for my son's 25th birthday  It was his first truck when he turned 17 years old.  Jackie, being quite the thrill seeking teenager, had numerous adventures with the 1988 Ford F150.  One of my favorite stories is when he was a senior in high school, he put a plastic liner in the bed and filled it with hot water from both my house and neighbor's boilers and made it into a hot tub.  He slowly drove it to the homecoming football game and partied in the parking lot in his hot tub with all his friends.  The rest of the time he had a tufted red velvet couch in the back of the truck for lounging with his buddies and girlfriend. The truck also helped him get 2 inches of stitches in his head when his back flip off his tailgate failed.  Needless to say, he eventually went off the college, then to a job and his own house and left the truck in our driveway.  My 15 year old nephew just inherited the truck.  May he have as many adventures with it and give his mother as many gray hairs.   Happy Birthday Jackie!


  1. Haha, thank you for the chuckle. Hot tub! Ha! I hope he enjoys the painting and has many happy more!

  2. I love it!!!' thank you so much Moo. Dan just said that he was at each of those Mis-adventures lol

  3. what a perfect birthday present! one that will last long after most gifts wear out. Your son is very lucky-