Friday, January 24, 2014

Random 5 Friday

1.  My new health obsession is drinking warm water with lemon juice each morning.  Everyone including Dr. Oz raves about the health benefits from detoxing your system to helping prevent the common cold. Check out 16 Health Benefits of Drinking Warm Lemon Water and give it a try.

2.  Broccoli has become one my favorite vegetables again.  After overdosing on it when my kids were young, I have rediscovered it's deliciousness and eat it weekly.  Especially enjoy it with garlic and oil.

3.  This week I tried Chai tea and totally enjoyed the spicy brew, but thought Starbucks version was a little too sweet.  It turned me off when I heard they use a syrup to create their favors and knew I could do better.  My daughter sent me a link to Cup of Jo's Marsala Chai recipe.  Collected all the ingredients and have fell head over heels with this heart warming spicy beverage.

4.  Supermarket shopping is not one of my favorite tasks to do each week.  To challenge myself I try to do my complete food order in 30 minutes on my work break, that includes driving to and from supermarket and leaving groceries in the car until lunchtime.  I fly through the market at high speeds picking up everything on my mental list.  I have memorized the layout of the store, and knowing all the quick checkout people helps - one checkout lady said I'm her "idol." Only once did I knock a woman into the yogurt case by accident.

5.  My favorite part of working in a High School office is hanging around the Related Arts classes.  I'm always checking out what's going on the ceramics, drawing,  fashion design, photography, and music classes.  It's great for photo opts and the teachers always cooperate to help me with word prompts for my 365 Photography challenge.  This picture was for the prompt "In a Bowl."  

Today I'm sharing with  A Rural Journal's Random 5 Friday.  Stop by and enjoy the fun.

This weekend I'm in NC and was hoping for a break from the 4 degree temperatures in NJ, but woke up this morning to 15 degrees in NC.  Yikes!

Have a great weekend and stay warm my friends.



  1. It's great to rush through the grocery store. And I want that bowl! Aloha

  2. Amazing photos today Margie -- and good luck with finding your warmer weather! :)

  3. Wonderful photos and I like my water with lemon, but not warm water. With 4 degree weather here in Michigan, I think it's called for warm water!

  4. i love lemons in my water - but then i wonder will it mess with my teeth? ever heard about it messing with your enamel of your teeth? that is not good. mixed messages i wonder??! pottery looks fun. ( :

    1. I have heard about it hurting the enamel on teeth, but use a straw. Think the benefits out way the detriments.

  5. I drink the lemon in water also I find it works well to make me feel healthy. Your daughters Chia Tea is something I will be trying.
    Marathon shopper I am impressed. Oh I love watching artists work and pottery is beautiful. B

  6. maybe I should try lemon with warm water too. I did hear the lemon cleans your palette somehow but they do have some health benefits.

    thanks for stopping by my blog. have a great day.

  7. Oh wow I love the clay throwing. I did that in college and there is nothing like the feel of clay. Sorry about your bummer weather. We have dry dry dry and in the 70s. Don't hate me.

  8. Wonderful still life photography! I love the steam of the teapot and those hands in the clay are beautiful!

  9. Wonderful post! Lemon water is SO healthy for you:) I did a post on this very subject at the beginning of the month. Great pictures of the clay throwing.. This makes me want to take a class! It's been years since I've done that.


  10. i don't care for the market either. I try to get through as quickly as possible and can actually feel myself starting to lose it when I'm in there for too long. I have a recipe for chai that I used to make with a friend. I started making it again after about 15 years and remember how much I love it. I agree about starbucks though it has very little resemblance to real chai.