Thursday, January 16, 2014

Friday Rehashed

1.  For the holidays I received a bottle of Vermont Maple Syrup as a gift.  Not having much of a sweet tooth I thought I would try it on some pancakes.  OMG, they were absolutely delicious - now I'm obsessed with what to pour it over this weekend.  The bottle has a stick of cinnamon in it.

2.  Every morning my neighbor across the street and I leave for work at the same exact time.  Almost once a week our cars almost collide backing out of our driveways.  Unfortunately it's bound to happen someday.  

3.  My Tupperware cabinet explodes every time I open it.

4.  Love living near a small cemetery that has nine angel statues.  

5.  The other night we opened an expensive bottle of wine for no reason at all.

Sharing this Friday with Kim Klassen's Friday Finds and Random 5 Friday.

Just a few random thoughts from the week.

Wishing you a fantastic weekend.

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  1. Wonderful randoms Margie! And I have a few cabinets like that here! :)

  2. good morning, Margie...I laughed when i saw your exploding tupperware cabinet...i have one just like it! And the angel photo is just so lovely... wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  3. they don't make tupperware like they use too. my mom has a very small collection left. i loved the celery & lettuce containers. they were perfect size. i love the angel - those cemetery are fun to look around. ( :

  4. I laughed I too have Tupperware cupboard But I can never find a lid !!!!

  5. LOL I LOVE your tupperware cabinet explosion... KABOOM!!

  6. I love your random choices and I definitely laughed out loud over your Tupperware cabinet.
    What is it about Tupperware cabinets that they must explode!!!! LOL
    Aren't small cemeteries just wonderful ... I love finding them and just walking around.
    And hey now ... how's about sharing some of that wine?
    Have a great waug's blogeekend!
    diane @

  7. lol my cupboard does the same thing, my pots/pans cupboard too...hate it! that syrup sounds great, i've never seen syrup with a cinnamon stick floating in it! more pancakes!

  8. I have a cabinet that explodes with plastic bags, so I identify with your exploding tupperware cabinet.

  9. Your randomness made me smile. Hope you can avoid that neighborly collision. I like the idea of special wine just because.

  10. You gotta love maple syrup and wine... not at the same time, mind you but both are wonderful to have around.

  11. Like your random thoughts very much....your images look great.

  12. And that is why we threw away about 90% of the tupperware we own...I don't regret it at all.

  13. melt butter and saute some sliced bananas till they are "good" then pour in a bit of maple syrup (it has to be the real stuff) till everything sort of caramelizes. You can pour it over oatmeal or ice cream! It is so good.