Thursday, February 27, 2014

Farewell February

1.  It's not that I don't love you February, but it's time to say goodbye.  Your snow storms, frigid temperatures and ice have worn me down and ate up all of my snow days and probably my Easter break too.  There were a few things I liked about you including the color red, hearts, cooking, baking and snow shoeing.   But that's about it February - good riddance.  

2.  Digging my new combat boots this week.  Working in a high school makes you want all the cool teenage trends even if it's 40th anniversary of my 16th birthday.

 3.  Sancerre is my favorite white wine.  Sancerre is a place, a village in the Loire Valley of France.  It's also a wine made from the Sauvignon Blanc Grape.  I first tried it while in Paris and fell in love with it's crisp elegant taste.  It's always my go to white wine.

4.  Love making pizza at the end of the week- the recipe -Trader Joe's Pizza dough, empty refrigerator of all leftovers, add cheese.

5.  For my 365 day photography challenge I try to take a picture early in the morning in case the day gets crazy and I don't have an opportunity to take another picture.  Today while getting ready for work I looked down and saw this still life.  Since my bathroom is vintage I gave this capture an Instagram feel.  Thanks Kim Klassen for the recipe from her Beyond Layers class.  

Well that's about it for my Friday Finds and Random Five - stop by and check out Kim and Nancy's blogs.  


  1. I love your idea of making pizza at the end of the week with leftovers. Maybe tonight t my house!

  2. I love your idea for your 365 project. I am 181 days into mine and it is getting hard to be creative anymore.

  3. yum - i enjoy your idea of having pizza at the end of the week. what a great blast to enjoy!! a wrap up!! so fun. enjoy! i think pizza is great any old time. ( :

  4. i have pizza once a week, too. great minds! i prefer white wines. your combat boots rock! stay warm. happy friday and spring will spring one day!

  5. Wonderful randoms! I love the "getting ready for the day" shot.
    And those boots ENTIRELY rock.
    Farewell February...farewell!

  6. Fantastic photos (love your boots, too!) and a really great Random 5!
    Have a happy Friday :)

  7. Great photos, great facts! Awesome boots as well. And your morning shot looks much better than any morning shot I could find. My morning 'must' is to get on the exercise equipment because if I don't do it first thing, it won't get done. But there is wisdom to doing the 365 in the morning. I like doing mine early in the day ... but it doesn't always happen! Have a great weekend.

  8. Totally agree with your Farewell to Feb... perfectly expressed, love it!!

  9. Margie,
    I don't care what month it is, I'm ready for spring!

    I like semi sweet wine and will go with white over red most of the time.

    I think you and I could easily eat pizza together. My husband is not a leftover eater or "clean out the fridge" eater. Remaking a meal out of what was in the fridge is one of my Mom's great talents she passed on to me. So I make J a pizza pocket and fill mine with leftovers.

    I like your bathroom sink shot. Again, my Mom is a carry her coffee mug with her around the house person too. I like that.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  10. is that a pink sink? My cousins used to have a vintage bathroom like that. I always loved it.

  11. So glad that Feb is over as well -- just one more (hopefully) cold blast before spring. :)

  12. Lovely post, Margie !
    We haven't had snow this winter, but I'm also looking forward to spring :-)
    Great shadow capture !
    Nice weekend,

  13. Roll on March .. love the boots thanks for visiting