Thursday, February 20, 2014

Happy Friday

1.  Don't know if I ever mentioned my absolute love for Lattes every morning.  My husband makes me one every day with a pillow top.  The double expresso definitely gets me going at around 65 miles an hour.  I think that's why I'm a morning person.

2.  Everyone in the south is probably so tired of hearing us complain about our snow and cold saga in the North.  But have we complained about the icicles….  I have four foot icicles hanging off my house.  

3.  Finally got to shovel a path on my deck and celebrated in the sunshine with a glass of wine.  From where I stand I can reach my wine.   

4.  While visiting my Mother last week I took this picture of her hands as we were chatting.  Her hands tell me the beautiful story of her life.  Her creative hands have enjoyed a lifetime of sewing and knitting.  These hands have also raised five children and nine grandchildren.  I love these hands.  

5.  This week I tried snowshoeing and had a blast.  I went out that night and bought myself a pair and have gone out three times this week. It's the perfect winter cardio calorie burner that gets you out of the house and into the fresh air.  The golf course where we hike is a scenic escape from the winter blues.

Well that's it for this weeks finds and random facts.  Please visit Nancy's Random 5 Friday and Kim's Friday Finds.  Have a great weekend, Spring is just around the corner.


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  1. Such a beautiful post, Margie. the Latte looks wonderful.. I, as well look forward to the Spring..I am so tired of the cold weather .. And I love your Moms reminds me of my Moms hands that I miss so much!

  2. Your mother's hands are lovely. She takes such good care of them, it looks.

  3. Love that mug and your shots! I think I'll have another coffee! ;)

  4. i always wonder what it is about a photo of hands ... it is very comforting ... enjoy it! maybe it makes us think of loved ones? not sure. ( :

  5. I loved each and every one of these, just wonderful. The pillow on top haven't heard of that before, will have to steal that one. The south has had a lot of weather this year I know my family in VA have been complaining this year so complain away. Love that you photographed your Mom's hands she is very well deserved of that photograph and will be a memory for life. Love the sunset, beautiful work for the week .

  6. It sounds like you had a great week! I love your photos, the wine in the snow, your moms hands-precious. I too had giant icicles until the last couple of days when they actually melted. Never fear, yet another weather change and they will be re-forming! ;)

  7. Such a fun post from top to bottom. Love that Anthro mug! You husband is a gem to make a latte for you in the AM. Hope you warm up soon.

  8. It is always good if you can reach your glass of wine, and Latte, from right where you stand! I love the photo of your mom's hands. Hands really do tell our life story.

  9. the photo of your Mother's lovely hands is beautiful! I'm in the southwestern part of Virginia and am sick unto death of snow! fortunately, it's now raining and, all too soon, I'll be sick unto death of mud.
    there is NO satisfying me! -grin-

  10. Love the photo of your mom's hands -- so sweet. Just a great collection of images and randoms Margie. Thanks so much for sharing at R5F. xo

  11. Oh I LOVE this post your husband I think needs to talk to my husband:) lucky you. Your Mom's hands are beautiful I love my Mom's hands too they speak volumes of love.
    Snowshoeing oh yes I do it almost daily except now it is raining drat. Great post B

  12. Gorgeous photos and words - esp. love photo of your mother's hands...
    And that's some serious foam on your latte :D
    Have a fab Friday!

  13. This is just the sweetest post to visit today! Starting off with a wonderful looking latte! The photo of your mom's hands is priceless and precious! I seriously could have used snow shoes in IN this year too. It's melting now, and the ground is visible, after months of white. Have a great weekend Margie.

  14. Mmmm that latte looks yummy and how sweet of your hubby to fix it for you.
    What a precious photo you took of your mom's hands. Mine hates having her picture taken so I have to be sneaky about taking her photos.
    Snowshoeing sounds fun but since I'm not a winter person and our snow rarely stays long that probably wouldn't be something I'd do.

  15. Hi Margie!

    I have a homemade cappuccino mix that I love. One can't go wrong starting with strong black coffee.

    The picture of your mother's hands is fantastic. There are so many things the wrinkles and scars on our hands can share. When my Sister was in school she wrote a poem called 'Grandma's Hands.' Your picture reminded me of that.

    I have never been snowshoeing or skiing. If you keep taking pictures like the last one I hope you continue to snowshoe with your camera in hand. Good for you to try something new and fun.

    Thank You for dropping in at my blog, I appreciate it.

  16. Beautiful shots! Your mother's hands are lovely.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  17. Hand shots tell wonderful stories. A glass of wine in the snow, great idea.

  18. I don't mind you complaining as it means that some one else has more than we do!! I love snowshoeing! It is so much fun and makes the cold winter go by so much faster.

  19. I am so happy I clicked on this post. How lovely. How beautiful. And the hands.........glorious.

  20. Wow, that latte looks delicious! I have to start my day with a cup of coffee as well. But mine is nowhere near as pretty as yours! Love that photo of you celebrating with wine after shoveling snow!

    PS - So glad you stopped by my blog!

  21. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Love your latte cup. It is from Anthropologie?
    Thanks so much for sharing,